Monday, November 24, 2008

Just about life in general

Hi everyone. Elijah is doing really well. We have been lucky so far and avoided illness! He is eating baby food now and weighs 12 lbs. He is growing fast now and looks really good, I'll post some more pictures soon. He is smiling and starting to laugh a little. So far things are looking good developmentally, he is just a little behind his adjusted age in a few things. When I put him on the floor he can wiggle his way around, he is very active.
We still have plenty of doctor appointments. His pulmonologist may be taking him off the apnea monitor soon, because all our alarms are false now. He has to go back to the surgeon because his hernia is back. I took him to another surgeon who said if the hernia was back it was because there may have been pelvic floor damage during his last surgery, that is just great. I do know if he needs additional surgery I am going to fight having the same surgeon do it, and I know I don't want him at Johnson City Medical Center. I'm hoping the surgeon in Roanoke will agree to do it.
Alex is doing great, I can't believe how smart he is at 2 and a half. He knows his ABC's and most of his colors, he can count to 12, and he can count to 5 in Spanish. The child's vocabulary amazes me, he talks like a 4 year old. He scares me sometimes, I mean how am I going to keep up with him! I hope to have him reading by the time he is four. I am looking forward to Christmas this year, Alex is so excited about it that I already put our tree up. I am thinking about taking him and Dillan to Dollywood, I know it's not cheap but they are only little once! I love to see him so excited!
My classes are keeping me VERY busy! I didn't realize the amount of work involved in getting a Masters, I guess I should have though. The University of Phoenix is great, I should have done this a long time ago!
I can't believe Dillan will be in high school next year, where does the time go? Well I hope my rambling didn't bother you to much, I guess I should run, I have alot to do!