Saturday, November 12, 2011

Update on our little rascal!

Hi everyone, we have been busy. Elijah is still attending school and he is doing well. He is walking now but is still pretty unsteady. We are looking into a walker to help him with balance, though the doctors and therapist feel confident that he won't be dependant on it for long! We have to think about safety though, we have already visited the emergency room and he had five staples put in his head after a fall.

 Poor little guy has been through so much that he don't feel pain like the rest of us. He never cried when he hit his head, I just noticed the blood pouring down his face. When the doctor put in the staples Elijah didn't even flinch.  Having a child who doesn't feel much pain can be scary. When he falls I often have to check him over, he could have a broke bone and we wouldn't even notice it right away, that is a scary thought!

Here are a couple recent pictures of Elijah, he is getting so big!

After everything he has been through he is the happiest of little boy's!

Elijah and a friend!