Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Combining blogs!

Hi everyone, it has been a while. It is so hard to keep up with multiple blogs, so I think I am going to combine my blogs and share Elijah updates on his brothers blog.  So be sure to check it out and follow us there!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer progress!

Wow! I am amazed at the progress Elijah has made this summer.

He will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him, pretty good for a kid who could only eat baby food a little over a year ago.
Enjoying birthday cake! 

 He is walking, running, and climbing. His balance has improved so much and we are currently waiting for his new articulated AFO's! What a amazing miracle he is!

Summer fun! 

Elijah with his cousin!

I'm so proud of my boy! He will be attending school in a brand new preschool classroom, I look forward to more progress, my little man is such a determined guy! 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update and birthday photo's

Elijah is doing well, he is out of school for the summer. Usually I send him to a day camp, but I have decided to keep him home with us this year. I am planning lots of activities for the boy's this summer and will have help during the day, so that's a plus! Elijah is walking better every day, he is finding his balance. We still have falls, but not as many.

I promised pictures from Elijah's fourth birthday party, it was a day filled with family and friends. Those who are most important to Elijah and who are there for us always!

 Blowing out the candles on his Sponge Bob cake! 

 Present time! 

 Having a blast! 

One of his favorite gifts! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update on our little miracle boy!

It's been a long time since I last posted! Elijah recently turned four, we had a birthday party for him at our home. It was a fun and happy day, stay tuned for pictures from the party!

Elijah's recent visit to the orthopedic clinic went well. Elijah' CP is not nearly as bad as his developmental doctor would lead us to believe, he has been downgraded on the CP scale, from a four to a two. Elijah is walking great and gaining more balance every day. He has stopped relying on his walker completely and will soon graduate to hinged AFO's which will give him even more range of motion! Elijah will also be getting new glasses. I had them locally made and it turns out the prescription is wrong, so we have ordered him a brand new pair of Miraflex glasses.

Elijah in his new glasses with his new friend! 

I am so thankful that Elijah is here with us, in spite of what the doctors believed, it is wonderful to see him exceed every one's expectations. God continues to work miracles in his life!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

From the heart....

I felt compelled to write on Elijah's blog tonight. I'm not sure why and I am not even sure of what I am going to say. It has been almost four years since my triplets were born, almost four years since David and then Lucas left us. Elijah was saved, and that is what I consider it "saved". He was on the verge of death when God reached down and saved his life,  answered my heart felt prayers, allowed him to stay here with us instead of taking him to be with his brothers. There are those who will say, well the doctors saved his life. My reply is, yes, the doctors and the nurses did have a hand in saving his life. It was their God given talents that allowed them to save Elijah, whether they know and accept this or not, I truly believe with all of my heart that without God, we would all be nothing, whether you believe or not, I know in my heart this is how it is.  I also know, that in the very moment when the doctors gave up on him, when they told me there was no hope, the moment I and so many others cried out in prayer for Elijah, when I begged God not to take his life, to please leave me one of my babies, I know at this moment that God truly touched my child.  Since that moment there have been many ups and downs. There has been heartbreak and tears, but I do know God is in control. Have I questioned Him? Yes, I am human, I know it is wrong to question, but there are so many questions, and I have the comfort of knowing that one day all things will be revealed. Do I have anxiety, yes I do, and I pray every day that God will relieve me of my fears and that I will learn to trust him with everything, to let it all go and lay my fears at his feet. I ask for your continued prayers for myself, for Elijah who still bears the scars and the hardships of his ordeal, and for his brothers. I ask for prayers of hope, strength, and healing. That is all I ask for.

I hope I'm not rambling to much, I hope this makes sense, but as I said, I felt compelled. Everything I wrote is from my heart. God bless you for taking the time to read this!