Friday, January 2, 2009

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Happy New Year!

Hello. Sorry it has been so long. Elijah is doing great. I'm so pleased. The last time he was weighed (about 3 weeks ago) he was 13 lbs! He has come a long way. He is getting so active now, he loves to stand up on my lap and bounce and he has the sweetest giggle! He is just starting to reach out for things and when I put a toy in his hand he will shake it and bring it to his mouth. He even tries to grab his bottle and pull it to his mouth. I'm still a little concerned about the cardiomyopathy and am thinking about taking him to Charlottesville, VA to see a Cardiologist that specializes in this. He seems fine, but breathes a little fast at times. All of the doctors tell me not to worry, but I'm not taking chances with this little guy.

We had a great Christmas, I missed my two angels but I was so happy to have Elijah here. I am so thankful and never forget to thank God for the blessings he has given us. I was reminded of this last weekend, when a local couple lost their four year old daughter in a car accident right down the road. So very sad.

I'm going to add some pictures of Elijah and Alex. I hope you enjoy them!

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