Saturday, October 17, 2009

Elijah's diagnosis...

Wow, it has been a long time. So much has happened. My boy's and I have moved in to a new place. Nursing school is going great. I am so busy. Elijah was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy a few weeks ago. Though it is a expected diagnosis, it is still hard to come to terms with. My 3 year old is also seeing a developmental specialist for possible Aspergers. Through all the testing I have found out one thing that I was all ready pretty sure about anyway. My 3 year old is brilliant! He scored through the roof on his IQ test and is academically ready for Kindergarten, but wont be going of course due to maturity. Most of his problems are with fine motor skills and sensory issues. I have a feeling we are in for a wild ride, and doing it by myself is going to be hard, I won't lie, money is a big issue. I am hoping to be able to afford Christmas for my kids this year.

Please keep me and my boy's in your prayers, and I will try to keep you updated. I don't have Internet at my home, so I have to go to the library or my parents house!

I don't have any pics to post right now but will do so soon. Elijah is crawling, though his left side is weak and causes some problems, and he is finally sitting up, at 18 months.

I know God has brought him this far and I know he has BIG plans for Elijah! :)

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