Friday, December 3, 2010

Wonderful News- update on Elijah

My little vampire at Halloween!

Wow. It is past time that I post in here. A lot has been going on, Elijah was seen at the University of Virginia Children's Hospital, Kluge Rehabilitation Center. He was seen in the CP clinic where I have to say we have received some wonderful news. A year ago a developmental specialist diagnosed Elijah with Cerebral Palsy, level 4. The spectrum ranges from 1-5 with five being the most severe and anything above a 3 meaning that the child will likely be wheelchair dependant.
After the specialist at UVA examined Elijah he said that he did not agree with the level 4 diagnosis, he changed it to a 2! He says this means that Elijah will walk independently! No wheelchair for my boy, unless he just gets tired at a amusement park or something and wants to ride on a scooter :) He will have a limp, and may tire easily, he will never be a football star or run track. But, I know that God has something great planned for Elijah. He constantly surprised the doctors and the hand of God is evident in his life!

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