Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Update on our little miracle boy!

It's been a long time since I last posted! Elijah recently turned four, we had a birthday party for him at our home. It was a fun and happy day, stay tuned for pictures from the party!

Elijah's recent visit to the orthopedic clinic went well. Elijah' CP is not nearly as bad as his developmental doctor would lead us to believe, he has been downgraded on the CP scale, from a four to a two. Elijah is walking great and gaining more balance every day. He has stopped relying on his walker completely and will soon graduate to hinged AFO's which will give him even more range of motion! Elijah will also be getting new glasses. I had them locally made and it turns out the prescription is wrong, so we have ordered him a brand new pair of Miraflex glasses.

Elijah in his new glasses with his new friend! 

I am so thankful that Elijah is here with us, in spite of what the doctors believed, it is wonderful to see him exceed every one's expectations. God continues to work miracles in his life!

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