Sunday, September 21, 2008

Elijah update

Well Elijah is doing great. He actually gave his big brother a REAL smile, actually a few of them, this makes me so happy! He now weighs 9lbs 11oz. He is still such a little guy! He came through his hernia surgery without any problems. I had problems with the rude nurses at Johnson City Medical Center Pediatrics. The doctor thought Elijah was getting an infection, and anyone who has a preemie knows how scary that can be, just to hear those words, well she ordered an antibiotic and 6 hours later he still hadn't got it. Of course I kept questioning the medical staff, so after I asked for the 3rd time the charge nurse literally told me off, she was extremely rude and had me in tears. From then on it was a nightmare, they never did any blood work before or after surgery, I mean come on, this is a preemie with a history of severe anemia and multiple blood transfusions! My mother had to call a patient advocate just to ensure that the nurses would come in and do Elijah's vital signs. Not to mention the same nurse was rude to me the next night, I'm thinking about filing a complaint against the hospital. I'm just thankful Elijah did as well as he did. I cringe to think of what would of happened if something had went wrong.
Talk about poor nursing care. Now I know why God didn't answer my prayers for a transfer to this hospital!! Sorry for the vent....
On a happier note Elijah has been off oxygen for about three weeks now and he is doing great. I'll post some pictures of him without the oxygen as soon as I locate my battery charger for my camera! We are getting him set up with early intervention and physical therapy. He has a definate side preference and his head is getting really mishapen! I put him on the other side and try to prop him but he finds his way back to where he wants to be.

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Natalie and Abigail said...

Oh goodness - I am SO happy to see Elijah home and well! I have been a little worried, I confess, that your blogging absence was due to a terrible tragedy. Actually, I have been very worried...There have actually been a few posts on the preemie board asking for you. I will post a quick note and direct people to your blog.

Congratulations on your homecoming - enjoy your time as new family!