Tuesday, June 2, 2009

SCARY stuff.....

Well this week has started with a bang. I was on my way to pick my oldest up from school, my two little ones were in their carseats in the back. My toddler started crying, this isn't to unusual for him, he hates being in the car. When I got to my oldest son's school the crying had turned into screaming and he was beating himself in the face. I took him out of his carseat and noticed his right eye was swollen shut. He face began to swell, by this time we were well on our way to the ER. The wheezing began and he sort of went out on us and his big brother had to keep telling me that he was still breathing.

It seems like he had a severe allergic reaction to something. He does have a peanut allergy but I don't think he came into contact with peanuts, but you never can tell. He is doing okay today after loads of medication and a shot yesterday. The steroids make him grumpy, and MEAN!

Keep us in your prayers. We have to travel more this week for Elijah's DOC band appointment, it is a loooooong drive!

I may be renting a little house for me and the boy's, money will be very tight but I am used to that, I just worry about my travel expenses, more on all of that later....

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