Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wow, it has been a long time. My life has been so busy, and crazy. Elijah is doing quite well. He is still being stubborn about sitting up though! He is getting intense therapy, physical therapy twice a week (one time in the home), occupational therapy once a week, and speech therapy twice a week. Wow! That is like four times a week outside the home. Throw in biweekly visits to Cranial Technology (3 hours from home) and occasional visits to his many doctors in Roanoke (2 hours away), and now wonder I feel so tired, no wonder my three year old is so grumpy.

Would I be a horrible mommy if I put my three year old in a good daycare program for the rest of July? He would probably thank me, poor little guy!

I know I need to put some more pictures up, but I haven't even taken any recent ones, so I'll throw some old pics up and I promise I'll take some new ones soon!

Stay tuned to this blog, I have a feeling things are going to get crazier, and therefore a lot more interesting! Nothing I want to post about now though, I'm sort of waiting to see how things turn out!

Here are those pictures:

Me and Elijah in the NICU last summer.

Me and Elijah at home a few months ago.

Little man looking all serious, he actually looks this way a lot!

Me and little man, poor baby looks tired in this photo!

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