Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hello, everyone. Elijah continues to do well. He weighs almost 11 lbs now and is developmentally acting like a 2.5 month old, which is where he should be. He smiles and coos a lot, especially at his big brothers. He is starting to sleep through the night now, which is wonderful for me! His reflux still bothers him and he has alot of gas and is starting to have issues with constipation. I'm trying to get his doctors to change his formula. They don't want to because he is on the high calorie preemie formula. But, his older brother had to go on Alimentum due to protein and milk allergies, so I think that is the problem here.
Halloween is coming and Alex is going to be a buccaneer. His costume is adorable! I'll post some pictures. Dillan my big boy is going to help his Nana pass out candy. My niece Cassie is going to be a Southern Belle, her costume is beautiful!
I've been very busy with school. I'm taking online course for my Masters in Elementary Education, very time consuming! But, I'm home anyway so it works out! Wish me luck. Continue to pray for my family.

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