Thursday, October 2, 2008

Just another crazy day....

Hello everyone. Oh the day I had today, someone actually backed their car into my double stroller as I was putting my babies in the van (thank God they were not in the stroller). I don't know what was wrong with that girl, my stroller was sitting so close to my van that if it hadn't been there she would have hit the van. People need to pay attention to what they are doing. So impatient, I would have gladly moved it if she couldn't wait for me to buckle the car seat in, she just had to ask! Believe it or not no damage was done to my stroller(as far as I can tell), maybe it was worth $250 after all! The physical therapy office gave me a big run around, they had given me the wrong time for therapy, come to find out they were mixing our name up with someone else, Pruitt instead of Privett. Then when we finally made it to the appointment there was no referral for Speech. The doctors office was supposed to schedule for O.T. not speech, so the day was wasted and very stressful. I've requested home health care to do therapy in the home!
Elijah is doing good. His reflux is pretty bad though, he is on medication for it now! We have so many appointments. He is in Physical Therapy and will also be getting occupational therapy as well as early intervention services. He has an appointment next week for his cardiomyopathy. Everyone pray that we get a good report. I'm putting it in God's hands!
He is off oxygen now, which is wonderful news for us! His big brother's are doing great and adjusting to their new brother. It is so funny what kids pick up on. My two year old is becoming wise beyond his years, he can tell you everything about a hospital and the doctor. He has also developed a fear of nurses!
Yesterday I was upstairs with Alex when Elijah's Apnea alarm sounded, as I headed down the stairs Alex(my 2 year old) looked at me and said, "he's still breathing". And of course he was, we have so many false alarms now. I think the pulmonologist plans on taking him off the alarm soon. I'm going to be so nervous about that!
Elijah weighs 10lbs 2oz now, that may sound very small for a 6 month old, but it is a long way from 1lb 8oz! I don't even try to look at him like a 6 month old, I see him as a 2 month old and that is how I expect him to act developmentally. He is very alert and coos at us and smiles alot now, especially at his brother. He is such a blessing!

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