Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Here is a picture of baby Lucas, he died from NEC in the NICU on May 6, 2008. We also lost his brother David who was born still. They are in the arms of the Lord.

The Angel's kiss
Our dear Christ knew the way was rough,
and his precious body was not strong enough,So, He called an Angel and sweetly smiled,
as He laid in her arms a darling little child.
"Be very tender with him", He said,
"I took him gently from his mother's arms,
I did not mean to cause his mother any pain,
and he was not taken in vain.
He had such tiny hands and feet,
he was so helpless and dear and sweet,
he could not walk earth's stormy way,
so I brought him back to Heaven today."
He will grow beautiful and strong,
for the ones he left behind who care.
His family is very pained at heart and over and over their teardrops start.
But we'll love and keep him, you and I,until they come to meet her by and by.
A notion? Perhaps, but I'm sure of this:This sweet child woke and smiled at the Angel's kiss.

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Natalie and Abigail said...

I'm glad you posted these pictures of Lucas. He is your precious child and I think it is a parents desire to share and be proud. I also hope you have some pictures of David. I have a friend who lost a son at 3 days. They still display his pictures in their house. I find it a beautiful tribute to his short, yet sweet life.

I'm so sorry you lost your sons. I'm also so glad you have beautiful Elijah and Alex and Dillan to bring you joy.

:-) Johelen