Sunday, July 12, 2009

sounds like life to me....

Hello all. I have been so busy. Elijah is getting a lot of therapy now. He gets speech twice a week, PT once a week, and OT once a week. I am seeing improvement but he still has a long road ahead. On top of everthing Big Brother A. is going to be evaluated for Gross Motor Delays. I guess so much has been going on with Elijah that I missed out on some important things! I feel so guilty. Also, A. is so VERY smart and verbal that I think I sort of concentrated on that! So now I will probably add extra therapy to my schedule! He is three, so the school system will be responsible for most of his therapy, so he will probably be able to get it while he is in preschool. That will help!

That is one of the reasons I decided to enroll him in preschool. So far he is doing good, but he hates naptime! That isn't surprising!

I have taken lots of new pictures, just got to get them uploaded! Bear with me!

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