Friday, July 18, 2008

Another NICU update

Hello everyone. Just another day here at the Tampa Ronald Mcdonald house. It is another stormy day, and so hot! Well the nurse case manager called this morning to get info about The pediatrician that we'll be following up with for Elijah, she also said that she will be making some other appointments for specialists. She informed us that because we live out of state that she will most likely not be able to send us home with equipment, this upsets me a little because we are looking at a 12 hour trip home with a sick baby! If the insurance would have approved the transfer then we wouldn't have these worries right now. I'm going to send them a nice little letter. I have put a call in to my pediatrician to ask her opinion on travel with the baby.

Elijah is now eating 10 mls from a bottle, so far so good! God is great! I'm still waiting on them to move him to the next row, where most of the bigger babies go. I'm a little nervous with his open crib, he is so close to ther other babies. It seems like every time I go in visitors for the other babies are practically right over Elijah, that is all I need is for him to get sick now! I'm going to bring that up to the doctors this afternoon. Well It is almost time to go back and feed the little guy, his latest weight is 6lbs 9.5 oz!!

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Natalie and Abigail said...

Denise - I am from the preemie forum. I have twin girls born at 26.1 weeks to TTTS. I am so sorry for the loss of your two darling babies. I just can't imagine. I'm glad Elijah seems to be doing well now.

If you are willing, I'm curious as to what kind TTTS your boys had. Were they identical triplets? I would think it's rather unusual to have TTTS with triplets. Our girls are something of an anomaly as well. The were actually di/di twins. They are a year old and very well now, but I remember well those very, very scary days.

I would also be concerned about leaving the hospital for a 12 hour drive without monitoring equipment. Unless he's been apnea and desat free for weeks, I'm be very worried. That's a really long way. I hope they can work something out for you. Maybe you can have your equipment delivered to your house in your home state and then have someone bring it or ship it to you at the RMH.

My best and prayers to your precious little family.