Friday, July 25, 2008

Could we actually go home soon?????

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. Elijah is doing great, he is eating good now. They are talking discharge. We are still not sure if they are going to discharge him to Johnson City Medical Center or with us. The Neonatologist is going to do a peer to peer with the medical director of the insurance company on Monday. So everyone pray real hard that we get the transfer. It would be so much easier and alot quicker. The baby will be going home on oxygen so it will be safer as well. As everyone knows my whole family is in Virginia, so I'm thinking about going ahead and making flight arrangements for Brian to fly down here so he'll be able to ride back home with me. I'd rather be on the safe side and have someone here in case they decide to discharge. Elijah's due date is fast approaching, the babies were not due until August 1st. Can you believe they were born in April, four months early! Elijah is such a fighter! He is my little tough guy!

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