Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I have always felt bad that I never put a picture of David on here. Since David was stillborn we only have one picture of him, I wish I had more but my surgery was so bad and my husband was so upset at that time. We didn't even have our camera with us, since we had no idea we were going to be in Florida for four months and that our babies would be born there. I hesitated to put this picture on here since it was taken after his death. But he was such a lovely little boy, perfect in every way. So I wanted to share him with you. It helps to imagine him and Lucas in heaven, perfect little children laughing and following Jesus. I know they suffered so much in their short time here, David was left in the birth canal for 4 days and he fought to live, I agonize over that sometimes. But, I wasn't myself due to the Mag and whatever else they had me on. The doctors did not want to deliver him because they said it would mean the death of my other boy's. But God is victorious, Praise God they will never hurt again. They were perfect and will remain that way, sin will never touch them.
I am thinking of them a lot lately, since we are fast coming up on their birth date. I thank God for Elijah and I know we will be with his brothers again someday!

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