Friday, March 27, 2009

My dream

I just wanted to post the dream I had the other morning. It was really a amazing dream. I dreamed that I was riding to church with my sister (who never goes to church with me). In my dream it was night. I was driving and it was a dark and a very strange thing happened. The moon just literally shot across the sky and was gone. I looked at my sister and said something is getting ready to happen, I can remember her grabbing her bible and opening it. Then I looked back up at the sky and there was a loud sound, like thunder but much louder and for one split second I felt a great fear, and then Jesus appeared in the sky, he was in the sky but it was like he was right there in front of me, and the fear was gone and I felt a great peace, like nothing I had been worried about mattered anymore. Then in a instant, before I even had time to take it in I was no longer driving the car, I was instantly somewhere else. I was in a large room with a few other people. The only person I recognized there was my mother. As I walked toward my mom Jesus appeared in the room. He looked just like a regular man but he was glowing and peace just radiated from him. He took my hand and spoke to me and he said "I have something to show you" he then led me to a door. We went through this door into another room which was empty. On the other side of this room was another door. He opened this door and led me into this room. I can remember this room was very cozy, it seems like there was a lady in there that I didn't recognize. In this room there were little cradles set up in a circle. We walked over to two of them and Jesus said "here are your children". I saw Lucas and David in these cribs, they were still tiny but they were alive and breathing. Then a strange thing happened, another baby in a crib next to Lucas raised it's head up (I think this baby was a girl) she was a little older than Lucas and David and had a head full of blond hair and she smiled at me. I thought "I wonder who this baby belongs to" I reached out and rubbed her head, then I woke up suddenly.
When I woke up it took a moment for me to figure out that I was at home in bed. Usually when I dream I have some kind of knowledge that this is only a dream. This dream was so real, I really thought Jesus had came back and I was in heaven with him and my babies. It was a beautiful dream and I just felt like sharing it with everyone!

Elijah update:
Elijah is doing well, he recently had a 6 month followup exam on his eyes. I had noticed his eyes crossing a little at times, but not all of the time so I wasn't sure if I was imagining it. Well turns out I wasn't, the doctor says he is having some intermittent crossing of his eyes. Right now we will just wait and see if it corrects itself. We go back in two months for a checkup and then if his eyes are still crossing we will discuss the options. I do know God can heal Elijah's eyes without him needing surgery, if it is his will!

Just a funny little thing Alex said:
You know you are spending to much time on the computer when your 2 year old looks at you one day and out of the clear blue says "mommy it's not your space it's my space!"

I hope everyone enjoys the pictures of the kids I posted on Wednesday. I had them done at Sears and was so pleased with them! I also have some coming from Olan Mills with just Alex and Elijah. I like them but the more I think about it the more Displeased I am with them. It bothers me that they only had Elijah in one pose the whole time. They were extremely overbooked and rushing us it was a nightmare.
When I filled the form out with the boy's names and ages on them of course I felt the need to explain that the reason Elijah was so small was because he was a micro preemie. I told the photographer he could only sit with support, so what does she do? She plops him on his side and in a basket, yes one pose for the whole session, never tries to sit him up. As you can see from the Sears session, he is sitting up in one of the pictures. I end up paying a fortune for a bunch of pictures I haven't even received in the mail yet (it's been three weeks). The more I think about it, the more I think I am going to request Elijah's pictures be retaken, what do you think?


Pineapple Princess said...

Your dream was amazing!!! I am curious who that little, blonde girl could be.

Love your pictures!!! Your boys are sooo cute!!! :)

dprivett said...

I'm not sure! It could have been a boy too! I couldn't tell because the baby was wrapped in a blanket! I just felt that it was a little girl! It was such a vivid dream! I can still feel that little baby's hair under my hand and see it's smile.

Sherry said...

I loved reading about your touching...