Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter everyone. I am so thankful that my Saviour has risen! When I reflect over the past year I know I would have never made it without my Lord. A year ago last night I was laying in a hospital in Tampa, Fl. The only members of my family present were my husband and our (almost) two year old son. They were pumping me full of drugs, trying to mature the babies lungs, trying to keep the babies from being born. On the morning of April 11th a ultrasound was done, mainly to check on little David. David was the baby that was affected when my water broke, he was essentially partially born for almost a week. For a week David defied the odds. The doctors were amazed that this child was still holding on. On the April 11th ultrasound David still had a strong heartbeat. On the morning of April 12th our Lord decided to take David home. I named this child David, mostly because his strength reminded me of another David. A little boy who, by Gods grace, fought a giant and won. Some may say that my David did not win his battle, but I say he did. David is now in heaven, he will celebrate Easter with his brother Lucas, and with so many others who have left us, my grandmother's my papaw's, and all of those friends and family members who have went home, and most importantly with our Lord. Whatever plan God had for David had been fullfilled on April 12th 2008, I do not know what that plan was, but I will know someday. I will never forget this little warrior, and I know I will hold him again, and the next time I hold him his cheeks will be pink with life, and he will smile up at me.

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