Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random thoughts and Elijah update...

I know today is supposed to be wordless Wednesday, but I think I'll make an exception since I haven't updated in a few days. I'm sitting outside enjoying the sunshine and my view of the mountains. It is so strange, I have lived in the mountains for my whole life and took them for granted. Last summer, when we had to spend four very long months in the Florida heat I really longed for the mountains. I have a new appreciation for the lovely area I live in. There may not be a lot going on in my small town but it is a great place to raise kids and we have great weather! We may not have a big night life, but I feel like we live in mother natures playground, to bad it took me 32 years to realize it! :O)

Elijah's birthday party was a hit! We had a beautiful day, lots of friends and family, a grill, and birthday cake! Who could ask for a better first birthday party! The only bad part was that I lost my memory card to my digital camera? :O(

The kids are over their illness's, Elijah passed his swallow test. He is not aspirating and the therapist even suggested that I start some textures with Elijah, like graham crackers and puffs!

We traveled to Roanoke on Monday for the swallow study, a four hour round trip. Tomorrow we will make the 6 hour round trip to North Carolina, the insurance finally approved Elijah's DOC band. We should have that by mid May.

This swine flu situation is making me very nervous, especially with the amount of travel we have to do. My toddler constantly touches everything he comes into contact with. When we are out I'll wash his hands and then he touches the wall, the more I tell him not to touch, the more he is determined to touch. I also worry because my husbands job puts him into contact with a lot of truck drivers from all over the country. I just pray for Gods protection on my family during these scary, scary times!

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