Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update and Hateful Insurance Companies

Elijah seems to be on the mend. We went back to the pediatrician today. He is still wheezing and having some problems breathing at night. So I am to continue breathing treatments and they have started him on steroids. Yuck, but maybe that will help with the breathing issues at night by reducing inflammation. Maybe I'll be able to actually sleep again someday soon!
I worked all night to finish a paper for my class, we went to the doctor and pharmacy today and here I sit in the middle of a "Very Messy House" and I am blogging! I will clean my house this week, I promise! LOL!
I am very upset, I have actually just been informed that Elijah's insurance has denied the claim for his DOC band. This after they have terrified me by telling me the following:
  • My son's head will be deformed, his face is our of line, he has one eye and ear out of place, he'll be made fun of in school
  • He needs the band to help with his torticollis
  • If he don't have the band his skull shape will interfere with brain growth

Needless to say I am ready to do battle! Please keep us in your prayers. I hate to deal with these insurance companies, it takes me back to the NICU day's when they refused to fly my son closer to home and we spent four months 12 hours away from home, away from our children, without family, in a strange place!

Wow, I am upset!

Please pray, pray, pray, if Elijah needs this I want him to have it!

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