Friday, April 24, 2009

Ups and Downs!

As I write this I am sitting out here in my yard enjoying this 85 degree day! Wow it is hot, I don't know how I made it in Florida for four months last year, April- August. I thought I would melt today. Earlier I was so excited. My old van needs some repairs, it needs brake shoes and something is wrong with one of the belts. My mom had called me to tell me that my father had spoke to a man that he knew who has a garage, this gentleman said that if we bought the parts he would look at it and fix it for free. After hearing this I was so happy, then I jump in the van to go order Elijah's birthday cake and do some shopping for his birthday party tomorrow and discover that the air conditioner doesn't work anymore. GREAT! I actually cried!

On the upside, the insurance did approve Elijah's DOC band, on the downside we will have to make 6 hour round trips to Charlotte, every other week, sometimes even weekly! Without an air conditioner, in the summer!

What a day! I ask for your prayers for this situation. Thank you! :O)

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