Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pray for Elijah, he's a sick little guy....

Well we spent last night in the hospital. Elijah had a bad night on the night of the 7th. We sat up all night and yesterday I took him to the doctor. The doctor did two breathing treatments at the office, his oxygen Sat's were lower we would like so she decided to send him to the hospital. Elijah hasn't been in the hospital since his surgery in August. He didn't like it. I live in a small community, the nearest children's hospital is about an hour and a half away. Our little hospital is great, you couldn't ask to have more caring people taking care of you (for the most part). The big problem is that they don't seem to get a whole lot of pediatric patients.
The lab came to draw Elijah's blood, I had already mentioned that it was extremely hard to draw his blood. I just so happened to be down in the parking lot transferring my older son's car seat into my dads car when the lab arrived. My mother ended up being the one to try and help hold Elijah down to have blood drawn. It did not go well, my mother was extremely upset, and she let them know about it. When I went back up, I stepped off the elevator, the first thing I saw was my sister sitting on a bench in the lobby, she looked sick. The first thing I heard was a child screaming. The screams were so anguished and they sounded like a much older child. I looked at my sister and said, "that can't be Elijah" as his room was quite a distance from the elevators. My sister said that yes it was and that mom was losing it. When I went into the room there were three people holding Elijah down, he looked like a pincushion, he was bleeding from at least three places, and the lab tech was jabbing a needle into his arm, his arm was so hyper extended that I was afraid she was going to break it. My mom was livid! The tech finally got a little blood and ruled it to be enough, she was very impatient with Elijah. My mom said she had finally told her to quit hurting the baby and go get someone who knew what they were doing. Oh well, I hate that Elijah had to go through that. Then to add insult to injury Elijah fought the respiratory therapist when he was suctioning his nose out, so Elijah's nose started to bleed pretty bad. We are still getting clots of blood out of it.
I'm hoping we can weather the rest of this out at home, but I don't know for sure. The doctor seemed sure she would see us back at the hospital. She let me bring him home on breathing treatments. Right now I figure I had better get my shower, and pack up some stuff because we may have to go back.

Please keep us in your prayers!

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