Tuesday, April 7, 2009

illness and DOC band update...

From the Olan Mills photo shoot, I wasn't really satisfied with these pics...

This is cute,though I wished they would try to make him smile!

Little Elijah....

Giving baby brother kisses.....

Elijah is hanging in there with this illness. I took him to the doctor and he does not have RSV. He is wheezing so we are doing breathing treatments. It is unbelievable, but this is the first time we have had to do breathing treatments with Elijah. You would think they would be a common occurance for a child born with so many lung issues, but Thank God they are not!

Our two year old is on an antibiotic finally, after three weeks of coughing!

I am waiting to here back from Cranial Tech about insurance coverage for the DOC band that Elijah will be needing. When they call us we will have to travel back down there and they will take images of Elijah's head and send them off so the band can be customized for his needs, then we will have to go back the next week to pick it up. After that we will have to travel at least every other week, maybe even weekly for adjustments.

I would be lying if I said this was not going to be very hard on us financially. I am really thankful that gas isn't four dollars a gallon right now! Last year after I lost my job, was put on bedrest for the pregnancy, and after Brians layoff and his huge pay cut, our van was repossessed. Thankfully, I was able to buy a used van. When I bought the van it had about 89,000 miles on it and needed some repair work. We knew that we would have to use the van alot to travel to my medical appointments about an hour and a half away. What we didn't anticipate was having to take the van to Florida and then when we came home the trips to various medical appointments in Roanoke, Charlottesville, Johnson City, and now Charlotte, NC. I honestly don't think this van will make it much longer, it now has about 105,000 miles on it and we have only had it for about a year! It is needing some major work, I'm afraid to have it looked at because I am afraid of what they will tell me! We may be looking at the expense of renting a car for some of our trips to Charlotte. Since the trip was so hard on us last time I had looked into a Ronald Mcdonald House so we could at least rest before coming back home, just to find out that the RMH in Charlotte is still under construction. If anyone knows of a RMH or similar organization in or near Charlotte please let me know!

Since all of this has happened I have never Asked for any help, even when we were 12 hours away from home, thankfully we had the Tampa RMH which provided us with so many of our needs, and of course friends and family sent us what they could and I am forever thankful (you know who you are :) Most of these people were struggling as much a we were at the time. They don't know how much we appreciated the help and the nice gestures, they often brightened very dark and frightening days! The small country church that I attended as a child, and haven't been to in years even took up money for us from their congregation, that money came just in time to assist us in getting Elijah home! God has always provided for our needs! I am so thankful to everyone who has helped!

I hope I don't have to ask people for help with this situation, but I may have to swallow my pride. We are just thankful to have Elijah home and healthy, we are thankful that we have been able to hang on to our house, though I'm not sure how long this can last.

I just ask for prayers that God will provide for this situation as he has always provided for us! I may open a pay pal account and if anyone feels led to give a few dollars we will forever appreciate it! If not we still want your prayers!

God Bless!

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