Thursday, April 16, 2009


Sleepy Baby!
Proud Big Brother...

Happy Baby!

Little man and daddy....

The Birthday Boy, one year old on Easter 4-12-09

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Tina:0) said...

Hi, Denise:0)

I just linked over from your comment on Vaeh's blog. You have a lovely family!

Two things: 1.) I feel your pain with insurance companies:0( They can be so cold, heartless. So, at times that's how I "return the favor". I've even threatened them with legal action in the past about not resolving a claim that they should have paid months before. Needless to say, despite my uncle being an attorney, we didn't need to take it that far because they paid the claim!

2.) about the blood clots... mine & my Grandpa's were post operative complications, my aunt's was as a result of being on birth control for a meer two weeks, & my uncle - the latest in the group - they aren't sure, but have done genetic testing & nothing on that front so far.

Thanks for stopping by Vaeh's blog & for the info:0)