Monday, May 18, 2009

Birthday's and Well Visit's

Both of my oldest celebrated birthdays this month! They turned 14 and 3!

Big brother A. playing on his bike.

Baby brother in his new DOC band, enjoying his Baby Einstein Jumper.

Elijah and brother both had well visits last week. Over all Elijah got a good report. He now weighs 16 lbs 9 oz, that is a long way from 1lb 8oz a little over a year ago. His weight gain has slowed somewhat, so the doctor is wanting me to really push the calories. I should have no problem with that, thankfully there are no feeding problems and Elijah loves to eat. Elijah still seems to have an allergy to milk though, and that is to bad, considering the doctor wants him to drink milk with instant breakfast instead of formula. The doctor is also wanting Elijah to get more intense therapy so I am waiting on a call about referrals to speech, occupational, and physical therapy. Right now he is just getting one day a week at home.

Brother's check up went really well, he is healthy and developing good. Unlike baby brother though, big brother has to start eating better, he is a little in the chubby department. I think he is adorable, but I do want him to be healthy. All of this traveling and eating out has took a toll on all of us over the past year, I am getting ready to start a diet myself!

This will be a very busy week for us, and probably not a good week to start a diet. I have to take Elijah to three appointments this week, two of them will require an overnight stay and the other a 6 hour round trip. Yes, it is back to Cranial Tech again this week so Elijah's DOC band can be checked and adjusted.

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