Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

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My Highs:

The sun keeps peeping out today, Elijah is still doing great, my salvation and knowing that I will see Lucas and David again! Elijah gets his DOC band next week to help correct his plageocephaly. God is great!

My Lows:

All this rain is getting me down and yesterday was sort of a sad day, it marked one year since Lucas left us.

The trips every other week to NC is going to be difficult, not sure how we will manage financially, not to mention we have to also travel for development and pulmonology this month which will be a overnight stay.

I am thankful my husband is working, but with me being unable to work right now and with my husbands huge pay cut we are struggling to make ends meet.

1 comment:

Momofsix said...

Dear sister- my heart goes out to you- of course I came to your blog from the Riggs family blog and read about your triplets!
May our Lord grace you with his presence and strength as you face these financial and physical difficulties!
Your sister in Christ